The Sweet Holy Church

of the Everlovin’ Eelman


Established by Venture Spiritualist & Mass Minister, The Reverend, John Clark Ashton Cornelius Farmer

from his Boundary Throne at The Commuter Gallery in Decatur, Georgia on July 4, 1996

to promote love, peace, and freedom,

and to save the world from dangerous religion and meaningless toil.

The Sargasso Sky, a.k.a.,  Eelman Heaven


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Prayer to The eelman

I believe, I doubt.

I am within, I am without.

I wonder,

I wait for you to come.

Then... I will be free.



1993:    The Eelman appears to Clark Ashton while he is working.

1994:    Clark communicates to the physical realm thru his “Boundary”.

1995:    Clark receives communiqués from the spiritual realm thru “Kingdom Come”.

1996:    Clark launches his Mass Ministry with the 1st Consecration of Commuters, Bearing of the Burden,

             Sky Sawing a positive hole in the sky, Harvesting of souls from chaos, and Stitching of negative holes in the              sky, as he manufactures psychic unity using commuters from the Mechanical River as raw materials

             with his “Faith in Industry” complex, thereby establishing essential rituals and

            The Sweet Holy Church of the Everlovin’ Eelman.

1997:    Clark communicates to the spiritual realm through his Sky Scratcher.

2002:    The Infrastructure of an Uncertain Future is revealed on the Sanctuary’s periphery.

2007:    The eelMobile is christened.

2012:    The Bateman 5000 is launched.






Church Charter

      The Sweet Holy Church of the Everlovin’ Eelman embraces Personal Spiritualism as a vehicle to psychic unity.

Psychic unity is a state of mind in which the individual becomes one with the other side of consciousness, where the mortal psyche is united with a perceived universal order, where the known becomes integrated with the unknowable, where chaos becomes order, where pure freedom reigns.

     Belief systems provide us with a methodology for achieving psychic unity.Unfortunately, many belief systems have evolved that not only unify psyches, but entire societies for other than constructive ends. Cultures with different belief systems often come into conflict with each other as a result. Economically oriented conflicts are justified as God’s purpose. Nations are founded under God’s directional blessing. People die in defense of their concept of the unknowable.              

      Concepts of God and the afterlife have long been used to organize or otherwise manipulate people by providing a sense of common destiny, or invoking the threat of supernatural punishment. Since the resolution of the mortality question is one that all humans must deal with at sometime, belief systems are a handy mechanism for sheep herding. By entering the corral, one becomes psychologically subject to unpredictable consequences of human folly such as a “crisis of belief” when control slips out of your grey matter and into oblivion. Since the spiritual blueprints from which belief systems were formed are the product of imagination, it is to the imagination that one must turn in order to achieve control and hence, freedom.

     The power to save one’s self must come from within. Control over one’s life is an element that may be essential to psychological balance. This phenomenon is already evident in the infant stage of human development. Since control is in many ways a state of mind, balance resides in the development of a mental construct that resists manipulation by the forces of social organization.Personal Spiritualism is a personal philosophical belief system that attempts to arrive at an essence of truth that is vital to humankind as physical beings seeking order, and as spiritual beings seeking cosmic and psychic unity. It views spirituality as a self-discovered personal experience rather than as an understanding achieved as a result of culturally transmitted information that has been manipulated for the sake of social organization, and consequently spoiled as a source of pure truth. It views truth not as a measure of judgment, but as an analogy for the individualized experience realized as a consequence of psychic unity. The ultimate manifestation is freedom of the mind.

      Personal Spiritualism as a means to psychic unity is the only viable solution as a belief system of the future. It is available to everyone on their own terms, it is naturally resistant to corruption, and it does not require the overthrow of anything. It could form the basis of the next value system that is to evolve. The demise of corporate America, the sterilization mechanism of our motherland, would naturally follow as a result of the massive reduction in drone like personalities. But “Mom and Pop” operations would immediately fill the void. Surviving incorporated churches would be subject to the Internal Revenue Service thereby broadening the tax base and liberating everyone else from unjust burden.

     The adoption of a belief system that can operate and evolve independent of the socio-economic realm, which is supported by the social organization as an inalienable right, would allow people to maintain their need for mystical re-assurance and provide a sense of individual power and self-esteem. Meanwhile the reversal of nihilistic growth could be pursued without its advocates being dubbed communist, atheist, cultist or some other tag derogatory to the mainstream, and therefore not a threat to God, the nation, or freedom. It would promote individual freedom as well as collective good.             

     This idea emerged after the spontaneous creation of a sculpture called The eelman. Clark Ashton had set out only to rid his work space of cumbersome scrap when this image revealed itself through his torch. Moments later, this virtually effortless creation began to assert its purpose. The eelman is a spirit that informs conscience and drives creative thoughts. He is a channel to the other side of consciousness where ideas lurk in seclusion until they manifest themselves in reality through the mind of the individual.

      We believe that all ideas, including concepts of spirituality, emerge from the same special place in the human mind, and that people can control their own individual spirituality and subsequently their life. It is not necessary to accept a belief system that has been set up by the visions of others. Spirituality is limited only by imagination. The path to the other side can take many forms. There, one is able to find purpose and meaning in life. And it is through this self-explorative process that one finds connection with something beyond that is indescribable in the vocabulary of present knowledge, and may only be fully understood in terms of feeling.

This is Personal Spiritualism.