Faith in Industry


Bearing the Burden


                                         1st production run




                    Sky Saw                       Control Tower              Sky Stitcher





Cutting a hole

in the sky




Harvesting souls from chaos



The Hole  in the Ground







Consecration of Commuters




Faith in Industry is a site-specific sculptural installation designed to produce psychic unity using commuters as raw materials.


In this collection of work, the two most powerful conceptual forces in the history of human culture, God and Capitalism, are examined as they exert themselves on nationalistic tendencies.    More broadly, these works examine the nature of faith, power, value systems, and systems of belief. They seek to stimulate the American consciousness through interaction with souls in transit on the mechanical river resulting in the proliferation of independent thought, and lead to the generation of positive new ideas directed towards the sustainability of the planet and a better world for its inhabitants.


Faith in Industry consists of three formal structures: The Sky Saw, The Control Tower, and The Sky Stitcher, and a ritual performance.


The Sky Saw is designed to cut a hole in the sky creating a psychic opening thereby giving access to the other side of consciousness and allowing for psychic unity to occur. The Control Tower is used to harvest errant souls from chaos as they are lost in transit during the mundane ritual of the daily commute, and send them through the hole in the sky where psychic unity occurs or to the hole in the ground where they mop floors and study yin-yang until they are ready for personal spiritualism at some future time. The Sky Stitcher is designed to sew up holes in the sky when openings appear that may be detrimental to humanity as a whole, such as the fundamentalist hole and the unbridled capitalist hole which seek to inflict their paradigm upon anything under their vacuum.




During the Faith in Industry ritual performance, I work the complex while commuter traffic backs up bumper-to-bumper in front of the house. The job consists of “bearing the burden” through chaos on an ascent to the shining city on the hill where a “consecration of commuters” takes place. Then operation of all towers can proceed, interspersed with coffee breaks.






This trinity of works seeks to solve all possible problems related to the great unknown. If one is seeking psychic unity, the Sky Saw can provide the opening for such an experience. If a psychic opening is causing turmoil, it can be closed up with the Sky Stitcher. If there is no interest in the other side of consciousness, then a stint in the Control Tower should provide a sense of secular power, renewing that element of control necessary to psychological balance.