Proposal #9150 "Druid Hill"



On March 28, 2017

Proposal #9150 was filed by Clark Ashton Farmer with The U.S. Board on Geographic Names (USBGN)

to formally register "Druid Hill" with the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

officially designating Druid Hill as a "summit" on federal maps.


On August 7, 2019,

The USBGN denied the proposal

based on "confusion" and the DeKalb "Commissioners"

FACT: The Commissioners had never been presented an opportunity consider the proposal.


On October 10, 2019

John Clark Ashton Cornelius Farmer

presented his appeal at The U.S. Department of the Interior

see video above: "Druid Hill: A Hill for the People"



On November 14, 2019

the appeal to revisit the decision was denied in a 9-5 vote by the USBGN based on the false assumption

that the DeKalb County Commissioners had decided to let their original recommendations stand.

FACT: The Commissioners made no such decision.

FACT: The Commissioners never saw the proposal in the first place.



On July 14, 2020

John Clark Ashton Cornelius Farmer

filed a complaint with the DeKalb County Board of Ethics

against DeKalb District #2 Commissioner Jeff Rader

The case is pending on the 2021 Agenda






Ethics Office suspends rules by "executive decision"

Ethics Officer Stacey Kalberman did not reply to this letter

A complaint was filed against Stacey Kalberman on January 27, 2021



A new Board of Ethics was appointed December 31, 2020


The new Board of Ethics in a ZOOM meeting March 18, 2021


Open Ethics Matters for new 2021 Board members includes

John Clark Ashton Cornelius Farmer v. Commissioner Jeff Rader

John Clark Ashton Cornelius Farmer v. Stacey Kalberman


Druid Hill located in DeKalb County, GA

District 18, Land Lot 112, parcel 017


Druid Hill is the location of Clark Ashton's Mechanical Riverfront Kingdom

Druid Hill has been a landmark art environment in DeKalb County for 30 years



The source of the pre-existing "confusion" asserted by DHCA

Map showing 14 entities named Druid Hills

outside of the boundaries of Druid Hills



International recognition of Druid Hill story


The Druid Hill Recorder

To support Proposal #9150 "Druid Hill"


Jennifer Runyon (703) 648-4550

U.S. Board on Geographic Names

US Geological Survey

Geographic Names Office

Reston, VA 20192