The Battle for Druid Hill

Proposal #9150 "Druid Hill"

Druid Hill is a geographic feature located in DeKalb County, GA

District 18, Land Lot 112, parcel 017

on the eastern edge of Atlanta, near Decatur.

Druid Hill is a "found earthwork" and the historic memorial site of The Battle of Druid Hill.

Druid Hill is the location of The Mechanical Riverfront Kingdom.

Druid Hill is the homestead of John Clark Ashton Cornelius Farmer.

Druid Hill is the site of The Commuter Gallery.


On March 28, 2017 Proposal #9150 was filed by Clark Ashton Farmer with The U.S. Board on Geographic Names

to formally register "Druid Hill" with the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

officially putting Druid Hill on the map



NOTE #1: There is opposition to Proposal #9150 by The Druid Hills Civic Association(DHCA)

NOTE #2: A response addressing this opposition has been submitted. (see below)

MRK response to DHCA opposition to Proposal #9150


Jennifer Runyon (703) 648-4550

U.S. Board on Geographic Names

US Geological Survey

Geographic Names Office

Reston, VA 20192